Call for Submissions

Home healthcare, hospice, information, and technology (H3IT) conference invites abstract submissions in a variety of interdisciplinary and applied topics, including but not limited to:


Submission Deadline. August, 1, 2023

Content. Each abstract should summarize an ongoing or completed project related to the selected topic. Each abstract must have a title and a list of the authors who significantly contributed to the described project with their names, email addresses, and primary institutions. The body of an abstract should be structured as follows: 1) Background, 2) Methods/Approach, 3) Results, and 4) Discussion.

Format: Abstracts must not exceed one page, typed with at least 11-point fonts and one-half inch margin on all sides. The one-page limit excludes the list of references. If included, the list of references should start from the beginning of the second page. The citations and references should follow the JAMIA Style.

Style. Abstracts should be written in a technical language suited to a professional and/or academic audience by presenting data and results as appropriate. Submissions from various health care stakeholders, including providers and health IT providers, are strongly encouraged. The abstracts solely promoting ideas or marketing certain services or products without substantiating evidence and/or arguments will be rejected.

Authorship. Only the individuals who significantly contributed to the effort can be listed as authors. One author should assume the role of "Corresponding Author." The corresponding author should ensure that all listed authors have contributed to the work, and they agree with the results, findings, and conclusions presented in the abstract. ICJME recommendations defining the roles of authors and contributors should be followed.

Submission Method. The corresponding author should submit the abstract via email to as an email attachment prepared in portable document format (PDF).

Review. The abstract submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the program committee (PC) considering a number of factors such as relevance, novelty, significance, and conformance to submission and formatting rules. The authors of the accepted abstracts will be notified via email by the Notification of Acceptance Date.

Post-Review and Pre-Conference Preparation. H3IT has an interactive conference style and has a strong tradition of lively discussions. The authors of the accepted abstracts will be required to: 1. Revise their abstracts to perform the corrections or modifications suggested by the PC. 2. Register and present their work at H3IT meeting. The accepted abstracts will be categorized by the PC for either oral or poster presentation. Accordingly, the authors will be asked to either prepare a Powerpoint presentation or a poster.