Program for H3IT 2017

Georgetown, Washington - D.C., USA
Friday, November 3, 2017
Copley Formal Lounge, Copley Hall, Georgetown University, Georgetown, Washington - D.C.
Close to 37th St & P St NW, Washington - D.C., 20007, USA
9:00-10:00 OPENING KEYNOTE: – Session Chair: Güneş Koru
  What's Really Happening in Home Health and Hospice?: Using Visualization to Reveal Hidden Patterns in Clinical Data
  Karen Monsen, University of Minnesota, Center for Nursing Informatics
10:00-10:30 LATE BREAKING RESEARCH (LBR): Short Presentations – Session Chair: Güneş Koru
  Pharmacovigilant CDSS: New Actionable Knowledge Extraction from EHR, PhV and CDSS
  Gaurav Jetley, He Zhang, Cyril Spiro and Jean Jp Philius
  Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation for Secondary Prevention of the Coronary Heart Disease
  Avijit Sengupta, Kaushik Dutta and Theresa Beckie
  NimbleMiner: A Rapid Clinical Text Mining System to Extract Falls' History, Interventions and Fall Risk from Clinical Notes
  Maxim Topaz, Katherine Gaddis, Margaret McDonald, and Kathryn Bowles
10:30 COFFEE
10:30-12:15 PAPER SESSION - I, Session Chair: Max Topaz
  Integrating New Technology into Home Health Care Delivery: Examples of Several Innovations and How They Work in Practice
  Robert Rosati, presented by Mark Bublitz
  Challenges and Opportunities of Leveraging Exergames at Home for Diabetes Management: An Exploratory Study from Kuwait
  Dari Alhuwail and Güneş Koru
  Feasibility of Using the MyStrengths MyHealth App by Older Adult Women with Heart Disease to Document Strengths, Challenges, and Needs
  Robin Austin, Grace Gao, and Karen Monsen
  A State-Sponsored Quality Improvement Approach within Home and Community-Based Settings
  Kathleen Abrahamson, Heather Davila, Christine Mueller, and Laura Kirk
12:15 LUNCH
12:30-13:30 Governmental Lunch Keynote: Federal Perspective on Health IT Policy and Innovation for Home Health and Hospice – Session Chair: Kathryn Bowles
  Elise Sweeney Anthony and Liz Palena Hall Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
13:30-15:10 PAPER SESSION - II, Session Chair: Rupa Valdez
  A Language for Virtual and In-Person Transitional Palliative Nursing: Demonstrating an Interoperable Solution to Improve Communication and Care Quality across Multiple Settings
  Diane E. Holland, Catherine E. Vanderboom, Ann Marie Dose, Adriana M. Delgado, Christine M. Austin, Cory J. Ingram, Ellen M Wild, and Karen Monsen
  Development of Dashboards to Provide Feedback to Home Care Nurses
  Dawn Dowding, David Russell, Jacqueline A. Merrill, Yolanda Barron, Nicole Onorato, Robert Rosati, and Karyn Jonas
  Home Health Nurses Views of Technology Devices to Provide Coaching and Support to Older Adults
  Youjeong Kang, Megan Streur, Hilaire Thompson, and George Demiris
  Creation and Validation of a Tool to Extract Falls' History, Interventions and Fall Risk from Narrative Homecare Clinician Notes
  Maxim Topaz, Katherine Gaddis, Margaret McDonald, and Kathryn Bowles
15:15-16:00 Industry Panel: What Matters on the Field? Supporting an Ecosystem where Research and Practice Support and Inform each Other for Better Home Care
  Shradha Aiyer, Warren Hebert, Marvin Javellana, Raj Shetye, and Marci Tetterton - Organized by Ann Horton, Moderated by Sam Smith
16:00-16:40 New Frontiers in Home and Community-Based Health Informatics
  Nicole Werner, Shafa Al-Showk, and Teresa Zayas-Caban - Organized and Moderated by Rupa Valdez
16:40-17:30 PAPER SESSION - III, Session Chair: Dari Alhuwail
  Information Needs Identified by Home Care Admission Nurses
  Paulina Sockolow, Ellen Bass, Kathryn Bowles, Annika Holmberg, Yushi Yang, and Sheryl Potashnik
  Using Home Health and Hospice Data to Determine Associations between Frailty among Older Adults and the Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
  Grace Gao, Sasank Maganti, and Karen Monsen
17:30-17:55 TOWN-HALL MEETING: The Next Steps for H3IT & Planning for H3IT 2018
18:00 Adjournment
18:30 - Evening SOCIAL GATHERING: Time and Place to Be Announced (everyone on their own)