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Fri, Nov 3, 2017
Friday, Nov 3, 2017, Washington - D.C.
H3IT: Home Healthcare, Hospice, and Information Technology Conference Chicago, IL, 2016
Natural Language Processing and Speech
Recognition: Technology Overview and Potential
Applications in Homecare
Maxim Topaz, PhD, MA, RN
1, 2
and Li Zhou, MD, PhD
1, 2, 3
he presentation will discuss several emerging methodologies that have a potential to signicantly enhance the
meaningful use of clinical data. First, each technology (natural language processing and speech recognition) will
be briey introduced with conceptual and practical key concepts. Then, we will overview several recent projects
that use natural language processing to extract meaning from free text clinical narratives, including depression
detection, heart failure self-management status extraction, and using socio-behavioral characteristics to improve readmission
predication models, among others. Applications and unexplored venues of natural language processing in homecare will b e
highlighted. We will also review the emerging eld of speech recognition and discuss its various potential applications in
homecare, including automated interaction with the patient or tools to facilitate workows and make clinician’s work more
ecient. Examples throughout the presentation will use projects conducted by Drs. L. Zhou and M. Topaz with MTERMS- a
natural language processing engine developed at the Harvard Medical School and Brigham Women’s Health Hospital (Boston,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
eCare, Clinical Informatics, Partners Healthcare, Boston, USA
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